My ‘big’ bicycle tour – Day 2

From Bad Endbach to Asolo Bicycle Solo Tour 2016                                                  May 7th to 15th

Sunday, 8th May    (Day 2)

mika-o-manninen-germany-to-italy-bicycle-trip-2016-1000km-78 Started the day with a good old German breakfast. As I went outside between the buildings and put the GPS and mobile onto my bike, stowed the water bottles & put the backpack on my shoulders I could see a blue sky. Relief, the weather forecast was holding true.

Pressed ‘start’ on the two devices and day two was ‘go’. The region is slightly hilly, but flowing, so I was in a good rhythm until I read the sign, ‘Mittelpunkt Europa’. I thought twice, had a quick glance over my shoulder (which isn’t easy to do with the five kilo backpack) and turned the bike around. I followed the sign. What would I find at this European middle-point?? Being early on a Sunday, I hadn’t expected to see people there either. But there were around 10 people setting up pop-up pavilions and tables and chairs for the day. Seems like it’s bit of a tourist attraction on the weekends. This middle point can change when a country joins the EU or maybe leaves. After a quick look around and the obligatory signing of the visitors book, I was off.

After around 60 km I came upon a rider who was out on a Sunday ride. I introduced myself and told him what I was up to. He laughed. I asked if I could ‘ride his wheel’. No problem, was his reply. We started to chat, and he showed me a shortcut to the Main river. Crossing the river in Freudenberg after cycling 90 km, we said goodbye and I searched for a place to have a rest. To get out of Freudenberg there was a big climb, that took its time under the midday sun. Over rolling hills, I continued South, with fields of green and yellow on both sides of the road. It was time to start looking for a hotel, but without towns, it was a little bit difficult. But after 140 km, I found a place to stay in a small town (Berolzheim). I ordered a sparkling apple juice at the bar and enquired about a room. I had to wait for the wife to return from her Sunday outing, so I was there just hoping that there was a room free. And to my delight, there was. Checked in, put my bicycle in a garage, where the rubbish bins were, which really didn’t please me, as it smelt. Washed my cycling gear and went down to dinner.

That was the end to day two, with 240 km ridden in two days.

((MotD)) Meeting up with Nam Pham. (We became Strava buddies – That is easy to do with Strava Flybys) & Riding on roads with hardly any traffic.

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