My ‘big’ bicycle tour – Day 3

From Bad Endbach to Asolo Bicycle Solo Tour 2016                                                  May 7th to 15th

Monday, 9th May   (Day 3)

mika-o-manninen-germany-to-italy-bicycle-trip-2016-1000km-5 There was no breakfast buffet to start the day, but a plate with enough to get me rolling. The feeling of getting on the bike early in the morning and riding into the unknown is something you don’t experience on your local rides. It was a Monday morning, but hey, I was on holidays. I was on my way to Gaildorf, famous for its motocross track. I hadn’t planned to pass through Gaildorf, but had hoped to, and now I was getting closer. Stopped a few times to take photos of covered bridges over streams, which I found amusing. Finally I made it into town after 80 km and my first priority was to find a bicycle shop. I wanted to oil the chain. The owner was just on his way out to lunch, but obliged and showed me the way to the motocross track. There I took photos of the grass covered hills where you could barely see the track and had a bite to eat.

I went back into town, found a bar and filled up my bidons with tap water. That should last me the rest of the afternoon. Again I had no idea where my day would end, but with 130 km I started to search for a hotel. I ended up in the town of Aalen, and even though there were plenty of signs for hotels, I found only one. I went to reception, expecting it to be expensive, and it was. But hey, it was a fancy place and a buffet breakfast was included. Even got to store the bike in the luggage room, and not the garage. Monday is a rest day for the Giro, so there was a replay from Sundays stage. Went out and had a look around town. Found a Mexican restaurant, with half price Caipirinhas. Whooo hoooo. Went back into town, had a gelato, and called it a day after 375 km over 3 days.

An interesting point for tourists in Aalen, there are life-sized wooden statues of people stuck onto the side of buildings all around town. There was one opposite my hotel window.

To be on the other side of 375 km was a great feeling after just three days. I went to sleep very satisfied.

((MotD)) Stopping at the Gaildorf Motocross track. Half price Caipirinhas.

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