My ‘big’ bicycle tour – Day 4

From Bad Endbach to Asolo Bicycle Solo Tour 2016                                                  May 7th to 15th

Tuesday, 10th May   (Day 4)

mika-o-manninen-germany-to-italy-bicycle-trip-2016-1000km-42 As expected, breakfast was great and I was ready for a big day. Got out on the road and figured out pretty quickly it wasn’t going to be an easy day. The problem of finding cycle paths and cycling a steady incline for 100 km. It was an interesting day for navigating and the weather was overcast. 

It was with a little bit more than surprise, when I passed a Hunde WC (Doggy Toilet) with my name on it.

Nothing to do but to push on. I stopped at a bicycle shop in Lauingen, but they weren’t very helpful in giving me tips on getting further South. It looked like it could have rained any moment.

I crossed the Donau River which is a sign that I was entering the lower half of Germany. Took a photo, and in light drizzle, got back on the bike. I was on a roll, and cycled a further 70 km to stop for lunch at the 115 km mark for the day.

Interesting site of the day, seeing storks nesting on an old crane.

Continuing on, the clouds started to look even more menacing, so I was pushing for distance (and achieved 175 km) but also looking for a place to stay the night. Had to ask twice, but then I found a great place. A real Bavarian hotel and restaurant. Most hotels have wireless, and they had boring passwords, but here, they had sissy&franz as one! Go figure. After a ‘big’ hamburger, I went out for a walk to stretch the legs after a total of 550 km in four days. Somehow the bad weather was circling the area but not affecting my evening. It was a great feeling to see the Alps after just four days of cycling.

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