My ‘big’ bicycle tour – Day 7

From Bad Endbach to Asolo Bicycle Solo Tour 2016                                                  May 7th to 15th

Saturday, 14th May   (Day 7)

mika-o-manninen-germany-to-italy-bicycle-trip-2016-1000km-59 My plan wasn’t bad at all. It was a sunny morning and the roads were nearly dry. I set off at 7:40 a.m. at a height of 1600 m above sea level. I descended pretty quickly into the valley (at 1000m) and from there I would have one more incline to get over at the Campolongo Pass, at 1850m. 

Once in the valley, I removed my vest and opened my jersey for the steady climbing I would be doing for the next hour or so. I made a quick stop to take a photo of the sign at the Campolongo Pass. This is where a long distance rider can be very happy. From there it was all downhill to Belluno. Soon I’d be leaving South Tyrol.

I found a hotel on a lonely stretch of road at 12 o’clock, checked in and went downstairs to the pizzeria that was the starting to fill up. What was I going to do? There was nothing around the area for kilometres, just farms and houses. The weather didn’t look so bad, so I just decided to go for an afternoon ride, of all things. Riding through Belluno and 20 km into the ride I was heading in the direction of Cortina d’ Ampezzo and entertaining the idea of actually reaching it. Unfortunately it started to rain at the 25 km mark, so I turned around and rode the 25 km back to the hotel. I was drenched, but it wasn’t so cold, so I was fine. My hotel room resembled a Chinese laundromat, with cycling gear hanging all over the place. But I refined the system, using a broomstick and an electric heater I had found in the hallway. I just hope the hotel could wash those towels. For dinner I had another pizza. Now I only had less than 80 km to go. That would be an easy Sunday ride if the weather was good. My plan was to arrive in Asolo for 2 p.m.

That afternoon ride made up for the train trip, so I was still going to be pretty close to the thousand kilometres for my trip.

((MotD)) Cresting Campolongo.

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