Creative Photography

Creative Photography

Browse through this album that showcases some of my work.

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Redbull Hill Chasers Marburg 2013

Redbull Hill Chasers

Bring the racing to the people. Racing through narrow cobbled lanes along a 350m path with a gradient of up to 18%, add into the equation a light drizzle and interesting heat formats, made for great racing. 32 amateur and 16 invited professional riders lined up at the starting gates in the evening for the two and half hour show. The final race didn’t disappoint, as two professionals and two amateurs sprinted over the course, and amateur mounatinbiker Matthias Pfrommer crossed the line first. Second place went to Oliver Laudenberg. As special trophies, Fixies from Charge Bikes were presented in Gold, silver and bronze.

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Grenzgang Buchenau – Brungershausen 2013

Grenzgang Buchenau

An old tradition between these two villages, Buchenau – Brungershausen, is to walk the border through the forest every seven years. From Brungershausen came 50 people. From Buchenau came a few thousand!


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Sports Photography by ffactor fotografie – Giro d’Italia 2013

Sports Photography

Searching for a photographer that can bring your team or match into the right light. Then call me for an appointment. (Available in the LDK region of Hessen, Germany)

The finish line at the Giro d’Italia 2013 in Treviso, on stage 12. The interesting fact that the riders did a lap around Treviso proved to be great for spectators, as they got to see the riders twice.

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Wedding Photography – Hochzeitsfotografie

Wedding Photos

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Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography


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What a great time of year it is to get out and be creative. All those motives that you see everyday through the year are now changed, either by being covered or hidden by snow, revealing new shapes.


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Hello world!

Welcome to ffactor fotografie,

It’s the first day for my new website, so please give me time to come up to speed.

I have added an album into a gallery, which just goes to show how long I have been taking photos for!

Wynn’s Safari Australia 1986: Album

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